You must remove energy vampires from your life

You must remove energy vampires from your lifeThere are certain people in your life that physically and emotionally drain you whenever you are around them. Their presence in your life prevents you from being the best version of yourself. There are multiple terms for these kinds of people, naysayers, doubters, haters, but the one that has become popular as of late and provides the best representation of this phenomenon is energy vampires. You must remove energy vampires from your life as soon as possible or forever be struggling to stay afloat when instead you should be walking on water.

Types of Energy Vampires

There exist multiple types of energy vampires that you may encounter in everyday life. It is important to recognize each type so that you fully escape their dreaded influence, and you must remember that some of them may be long time acquaintances, friends, or even members of your own family.

Here are the five most common types of energy vampires:

The Narcissist: As the name implies these type of people only true care about themselves and will put their interests and desires before yours every time. They love you when you praise and agree with them but will viciously turn on you and attack when you disagree with them or make even the slightest critique about anything in their lives.

The Loud Mouth: Often holding very rigid beliefs, loudmouths will attempt to dominate and intimidate you into agreeing with them and enjoy seeing you cower before them. Often loudmouths are all talk and no show and are actually very insecure individuals.

The Martyr: Forever a victim, martyrs blame everyone and everything for their lot in life instead of themselves and feed off the guilt of others.

The Chaos Maker: These energy vampires thrive in a constant state of chaos, creating self-made problems, and leaving a path of destruction in their wake. With their lives in total disarray they often lack focus on what’s really important in life and how to move forward.

The Judge: Nothing is good enough for these people, and they will constantly belittle and put you down, pointing out every little flaw they can see. By destroying your self-worth, they elevate their own.

The Removal Process

Remove energy vampires from your lifeOnce you have identified them, it is time to remove energy vampires from your life. Depending on the severity of their influence on you and the nature of your relationship, this can be a rather easy or an extremely difficult undertaking. When I say remove, it may sound like you need to cut ties with these people all together and never see them again, and this is sometimes the only option but sometimes you simply have to take steps to reduce their power over you.

Mere acquaintances can easily be avoided all together and will eventually fade out of your life. Close friends must be dealt with head on. You have to be open and honest with them about your desire to be better and to live a more fulfilled life. They may not believe you at first but as you start to make positive changes in your life they will either support you and join you in your efforts or they will double down and try to drain you further. In the end, you may have to sever the relationship.

Family members can be a tricky situation, but the same rules as with close friends apply. It is sometimes a lot harder to let go of family, but if you are constantly harassed drained and held back, you have to stand up for yourself and be strong. Some people have grown up and around a negative family environment their whole lives and will inevitably continue down that path unless they break free. If getting free from their influence means moving half-way across the country, do it. Living a miserable and unfulfilled life just for the sake of family may sound just but in the end it leads to wasted potential and a chance for a greater good.

Co-workers and bosses make up the last and perhaps most unavoidable group to deal with. In these situations, it may involve a change in your mindset and the way you interact with these people in order to break free. If it is truly a job you are passionate about then use that passion to train your mental defenses and forcibly reduce the influence they have on you. Also, try to find like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations as you in order to bolster your efforts. If it is a job you really hate then it is time to seriously put in effort to find a new path and new career. Focus on this as you move day by day until you make it a reality.

The Innocent Vampire

These are actually six types of energy vampires, but the last one actually should just be nurtured and not removed. If you have children, nephews, or nieces, these innocent vampires can drain you due to their overall dependence on you. It is good to care about them and want to help them the best you can. This is harmless to a certain extent, but they must be nurtured to grow and develop independence and not stay in an endless state of adolescence. Innocent vampires if not probably developed will eventually turn into full fledged energy vampires.

Look in the Mirror

When discussing energy vampires, there is one thing you must always consider. Am I an energy vampire? I have personal experience with this and can say that it is much easier to judge others than yourself and before you do anything about the other people in your life, you must work on yourself. The cause of all misery in your life and those around you could be emanating from you. Think about what happens when you enter a room. The kind of conversations you have with people and the activities you engage in. If you clearly reflect on these things and discover you are the cause of these things then making small steps to improve your mindset will gradually lift the fog obscuring your life.

Regain your energy

Regain your Energy

Energy vampires lurk all around us constantly draining potential and promise from each day. Many times we are not even aware what is happening. We become so used to the people around us they we don’t even consider their effect on us. It is imperative that you identify and remove energy vampires from your life as soon as possible. Self-care doesn’t just involve the way you treat your own body but the environment you shape around you to promote a better life. Regain your energy and take your life back. The best version of yourself lies directly ahead if you just take the right steps.

I would welcome any comments below with your own personal experiences with energy vampires and how you dealt with them. Take care everyone.





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