Top 5 amazing health benefits of ginseng for men

health benefits of ginseng for men

I am sure at some point in your life, you have heard the about ginseng. Ginseng has been used for centuries as a traditional herbal remedy.

Ginseng has a very characteristic fork shape giving it the appearance of dangling legs thus giving it its name in the traditional Chinese meaning root person. There are actually two main types of ginseng: Asian ginseng and American ginseng. They both provide similar results.

Despite its long existence as a medicinal supplement, modern medicine has yet to conclusively determine if its proclaimed benefits are scientifically accurate. Although as with everything, I believe it all depends on the individual, as what affects one person one way, may not the other.

I think it is always a good idea especially with natural remedies with minimal side effects to listen to what others have said and experience and try it for yourself. There is very little to lose, and I believe modern medicine may one day change their mind, as they often do.

As I researched more into ginseng, I couldn’t believe what an impact ginseng could have on your overall health, and I realized that it could be very beneficial for men in particular. I have compiled the top 5 amazing health benefits of ginseng for men.

1. Boost Energy Levels

We all could use a little pick me up throughout the day, and ginseng has been proven to lower oxidation and produce higher energy output in cells.

Being a natural substance, ginseng would prove to be a great substitute for that energy drink you would normally reach for throughout the day.

Interestingly, a study was conducted on cancer patients whom half took a placebo and the other half took ginseng. The group that took ginseng showed large decrease in fatigue and a boost in energy as compared to those who took the placebo.

2. Lower Blood Sugar

My grandfather struggled with diabetes for over 30 years, and I attest the fact that he lived so long with it due to his incredibly strong will. I live with the specter of diabetes every day, and I actually first heard of ginseng due to its ability to lower blood glucose levels.

Ginseng has the ability to enhance the ability of tissue to uptake sugar as well as boost the production of insulin. Even people without diabetes showed improved blood sugar levels using ginseng as a supplement after consuming sugary drinks.

Without you are a diabetic or not, controlling your blood sugar is key to good health. I am a strong advocate of preventative maintenance of your body, because sometimes if you wait too long it is too late.

3. Reduce Inflamation

For the athletes out there or those that participate in vigorous exercise routines, this one is for you. I will preface this one however by saying that this one may be the one needing more clinical study to completely verify.

Varying studies in the lab and one in particular on athletes have shown reduced inflammation from exercise after taking ginseng extracts.

While the jury is still out on this one, I think ginseng combined with other anti inflammatory medicine could provide a powerful boost to your workout routine.

4. Improved Brain Function

Special components in ginseng have been clinically proven to enhance memory and overall mental health. There has even been shown a link to improving conditions in Aizhemeir’s patients.

Interestingly enough though, the mental boosting powers of ginseng seem to taper off after around 8 weeks, so you may want to strategically take ginseng at certain periods of time if you want to utilize it purely for enhancing your mind.

A strong mind is just as important as a strong body. Don’t neglect your body over your mind or your mind over your body, because you will need both in order to have a long and fulfilling life.

5. Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Out of all the uses that ginseng has been utilized for in the past, this one perhaps is the most long-standing and widely attributed benefit. Studies have shown that ginseng has proven remarkably potent in treating suffers of erectile dysfunction.

In one study, ginseng proved 30 percent more effective than a prescription medication in combating erectile dysfunction.

This is possible through ginseng’s ability to lower oxidation stress in penis tissue as well as an overall increase in blood circulation.

Out of all the aforementioned benefits, this one seems to be the most conclusive and well reported. I would confidently state that if you are dealing with this issue, it would not hurt to try to add some ginseng into your diet.

Even if you are not, this would definitely be something you would want to take preventative measures against and a simple added bonus along with the other benefits to your health.


These are just the top 5 amazing health benefits of ginseng for men, but there are a variety of other ones as well. I feel these 5 are the most useful in terms of what men need out of any kind of herbal supplement.

While it is true that much more scientific studies need to be conducted in order to fully certify ginseng as a miracle supplement, I believe that there is already enough data and testimonials out there to warrant giving it a try.

If you look at all the purported benefits, a clear trend emerges all connected to the way ginseng interacts with oxygen levels in the blood. There is just too much correlation between all these benefits for it to be a coincidence.

After all, ginseng has been used for centuries for a reason, and you never know if something is going to work for you until you try it.

Have you already tried some form of ginseng supplement in the past, or have you considered it but something is holding you back? I welcome your comments below on your overall thoughts on ginseng, your results with it, and any product recommendations you might have for everyone reading this.





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