The no white foods diet – It really works

No white foods diet

Controlling what you eat is a big component in your self-care. If you are not watching what you eat, you could develop short and potentially long term devastating effects on your body and health. There are several fad diets that have popped up over the years, and of course what we should or shouldn’t eat as dictated by the “experts” changes like the wind, but I have some family history to back up the one I am about to talk about, the no white foods diet.

The no white foods diet follows one simple principle and that is to stop eating white foods. OK, it isn’t really that simple, and it isn’t just every food that is white, but a specific list of foods that should be avoided to accelerate weight loss and reduce health risks. I’ll discuss the foods and concept of this diet below but be advised that this one is actually quite difficult to maintain long-term and will take strong self-discipline and will.

The Bad White Foods

The goal of the no white foods diet is to eliminate bad carbohydrates from your daily meals. Bad carbohydrates, also known as refined carbohydrates, come from foods that have been processed and refined containing high levels or sugar or white flour. The refining process strips away important fiber from carbohydrates. Here is the main list of foods to avoid on this diet: white rice, white bread, white beans, pasta, white potatoes, cheddar cheese, and butter.

I am sure you have heard the term empty carbs before, and bad carbs are basically the same thing. The body absorbing them very quickly and leaves you feeling hungry again only an hour or two later thus creating a vicious cycle of overeating. Furthermore, products containing bad carbs often contain little nutritional value with no positive benefits to your health.

The Good White Foods

There are some exceptions to the no white rule which are white fish, white meat poultry, milk, egg whites, parsnips, and cauliflower. I guess the term no white foods is a bit misleading, but sometimes you need to focus on the extreme to see results. After all, it isn’t really all about the color but the amount of carbs and sugar the product contains which just so happen to spike in white foods.

The Method and Challenges

Cut out all white bread from your dietThere are no elaborate rules or detailed methodology to undertake the no white diet. All you do is remove or drastically cut down the bad white foods from your diet, which is a much more herculean task than it sounds. It is a diet that I think is a great challenge for men to test their resolve and strength of will. It is truly a diet where only the strong survive.

Now after cutting out white foods, the goal should be to substitute these foods with whole grain alternatives. Having the opposite effect of bad carbs, these foods will keep you fuller long and less likely to overeat which is where the secret to its weight loss potential lies. For example, instead of white bread eat whole white bread and instead of white rice try brown rice and add more servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. It can be a challenge to adapt but a substitution is better than complete elimination.

Real Life Results

I first learned of this diet through my grandfather. He lived with diabetes for over 30 years and had a “beer belly” from as early as I can remember. He had a larger than life appetite and a sweet tooth. When he got into his eighties, his doctor told him he had to lose his belly. The method the doctor advised was the no white diet. The fact that he had persisted with diabetes for as long as he did is a testament to his strong will, so he dove right in without hesitation.

After just a short period of time he began to rapidly lost weight, and he eventually lost over 50 pounds including all his belly fat. It was an incredible transformation. My grandfather literally kept the same figure for nearly 20 years and by utilizing this diet he became a whole new person. He lived another 5 years after this and only passed away due to an accident that left him bed-ridden. If had been able to apply those same principles when he was younger, he never would have gained the belly or developed diabetes, but his iron will kept him alive for much longer than anyone could have predicted.

Is This The Diet For You?

Now the final question is if this is the right diet for you. Are you ready for the no white foods diet challenge? The great thing about this diet compared to all the other so called fad diets is that there are not any fancy gimmicks or tricks that go along with it. You simply cut out the specific list of white foods from your diet and rigidly stick to it.

Tackle the diet challengeMy grandfather became a living testament to the power of the no white diet. It is true that he possessed a larger than life iron will, but I know that everyone has it in them to undertake enormous challenges in life. I live with the genetic specter of diabetes, and his results inspired me to be proactive in my current eating habits.

I used to eat white rice on a daily basis, but now I only eat brown rice even though it took a lot of effort to overcome my initial distaste to it. If you want something bad enough and you work hard enough, you can accomplish what you set your mind to. You can be the best version of yourself. When you have a plan, stick to it, and the results will happen.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this article. I welcome any comments below on your thoughts about the no white diet and your experiences or suggestions with it or other weight loss methods. Take care.





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