Flexispot M2B Standing Desk Comparison Review

The harmful effects on your health caused by sitting down too much, also known as Sitting Disease, are quickly becoming the new smoking of this generation. If you are a person who has to work primarily on a computer sitting at a desk for most of the day, this can be a pretty alarming fact, but a standing desk might be just what you need. While standing desks are relatively new, Flexispot has emerged as a leader in the industry. Flexispot makes a variety of products for the home and office of varying types and price ranges, but the one that stands out in both affordability and quality is the Flexispot M2B Standing Desk. I’ll be breaking down what makes the M2B stand out as well as comparing it to some of Amazon’s choice model by VIVO.

Flexispot M2B Standing Desk Product Overview

Flexispot M2B Standing DeskThe first thing that stands out about the Flexispot M2B has to be its incredibly ergonomic and compact design. Unlike many other similar products, the M2B expands vertically and doesn’t protrude out from the desk potentially causing space and comfort issues. Even better while the M2B is the most popular and work efficient size offered there is a M1B model for smaller desks and M3B model for even larger space if you so desire, but no matter what they all would never obstruct the surrounding area.

One of the most praised aspects of the M2B is how easy it actually is to raise and lower the height of the desk with the use of a single handle to accommodate your height or lower it completely down to use it while sitting.

With a standing desk, durability and stability also must be considered. Weighing in at a solid 35 pounds, even heavy typers have reported that the M2B doesn’t wobble or shake no matter the force.


Cons of the Flexispot M2B

There are a few cons for the M2B depending on your own personal views and tastes. The first being that the keyboard tray while removable is not adjustable. You can’t pull it in or out which while designed that way to keep it compact could be an issue for some. Also, the keyboard tray has been reportedly slippery at times which could be alleviated with pads, but it all depends on the type of keyboard and mouse you use. Overall, the keyboard tray seems to be the only real issue with the M2B and as mentioned is completely removable if necessary.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Product Overview

VIVO Standing DeskI thought it would be a good idea to bring in a contender for the M2B by way of the Amazon’s Choice standing desk made by VIVO. VIVO has utilized a unique gas spring lift activated by a handle to adjust the height of the desk with 8 separate height points depending on your need.

A small storage tray on the front top surface provides a convenient solution for storing cellphones, pens, and more. Also, an adhesive cable clip is included to keep av and power cords organized and out of the way.

The biggest positive aspects across all the reviews for the product have to be its large and sturdy frame holding up to two monitors and a laptop at the same time as well as the fact the unit comes largely pre-assembled. The only assembly required for the VIVO is rubber bumpers, two tabs on the bottom, and the keyboard tray.


Cons of the VIVO

The largest con of the VIVO overwhelmingly has to be how hard it is to adjust the height of the unit. Even people of great size and strength reported difficulty in raising up the unit causing back pain for several users. It isn’t so much the lever itself but the overall weight of the unit which appears to not be evenly balanced when trying to adjust it.

Some minor complaints of the VIVO center around the keyboard tray which doesn’t accommodate larger variety of keyboards and somewhat juts out making it slightly uncomfortable to use if sitting down.

Flexispot M2B and VIVO: Head to Head

Now it is time to pit the Flexispot M2B Standing Desk and ViVO against each other and compare their strengths and weakness. On face value they both appear pretty similar and both of them provide a solution to the problem of sitting down too long while on the computer.

When it comes to price, the VIVO is the clear winner being over a 100 dollars less and depending on how you feel about the cons of the unit might be the deciding factor on your purchase.

Both have removable keyboard trays which are in a fixed position which makes that are a stalemate though there seems to be more complaints about the keyboard tray on the VIVO unit ever since M2B modified theirs.

While the overall durability seems comparable, the M2B wins on its total area footprint by its compact and space-saving design. The M2B also weight an incredible 20 lbs lighter than the VIVO. Also, the VIVO’s keyboard tray juts out from the desk which could cause space issues. Flexispot provides a few other options for larger and smaller desks unlike VIVO.

Now the main sticking point which truly separates VIVO and the M2B which is its ease of height adjustment. This may be a deal breaker on the VIVO for some. It takes a great amount of effort to adjust the height of the VIVO as reported by people with even a great amount of strength while no issues have been noted with the M2B. This probably is in part due to the extreme weight of the VIVO which clocks in around 52lbs as well as its adjustment mechanism.

 Flexispot M2BVIVO
Weight32 lbs52 lbs
Adjustable Height5.9" to 19.7"6.5” to 16”
Dimensions35"(W) x 31.5"(D)36”(W) x 22”(D)

Conclusive Victor?

For myself, I consider the Flexispot M2B Standing Desk the clear winner, mostly due to its ease of height adjustment and ergonomic design. However, the VIVO is not a bad product by any means, especially when you consider the price point. If you adjust your expectations and realize the potential pitfalls of the VIVO, I believe you would find yourself satisfied.

No matter which one you choose, it is time to get out of your chair and stand up. For those of you suffering from back pain or low energy at work, you need to make this change. In reality though everyone needs to stand up more and prevent the harmful and devastating effects of Sitting Disease descending upon modern day life. We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves, let’s stand.





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