Do Men Have Intuition? If so, why use it?

Do Men Have Intuition? If so, why use it?

I have always went back and forth on the benefits of listening to your gut or your intuition when it comes to decision-making especially when it involves your health. I decided to do some more research into intuition itself, and I was surprised to see that a common question that came up was, “Do men have intuition?”We have all heard of women’s intuition, but it seems that this idea has become so permeated into our cultural subconscious that we start to question if intuition is actually strictly limited to the domain of women. Well, it’s not. Intuition is something we all have, and I think it is time to take a hard look at exactly what intuition can do for us and whether we should utilize it in our lives.

Defining Intuition

Intuition can be defined in many ways. It can be a quick or keen insight, a gut feeling, or some kind of brilliant inspiration. I think sometimes people may simply dismiss intuition as not being something scientifically validated, but science has actually proved its existence.

Scientifically, intuition comes from the subconscious in the right side of our brain and revolves around instinctual actions developed over the years since prehistoric times. Hearing that it is something that has evolved with us and help our ancestors survive and thrive, puts things in a whole new perspective.

The Birth of Women’s Intuition

Before we dive into how we can harness intuition for our own good, I wanted to take a look at the rise of women’s intuition over time.

I looked very heard to discover the exact origin of the idea of women’s intuition, but it is very hard to find a concrete and definite source. However, from what I can gather, rationality and intuition seemed to have had a clear separation between the sexes during the Age of Enlightenment in 18th Century Europe.

During this time, rationality was set above intuition and become linked with male thought while intuition become linked to female thought. Over time this idea become ingrained into the cultural fabric, and a recent study has even shown that people across Europe still hold these beliefs today.

One thing that has changed however is that intuition, particularly women’s intuition, has gained more favor and appreciation than in the past. Perhaps due to women’s status in society rising over time, the reputation of women’s intuition equally grew until it suddenly become a primary power of women alone, even if men also have intuition.

the power of the brain

My Own Experiences with Intuition

Now, what exactly can intuition bring to our lives? I first want to say that following your gut feeling and intuition or the same thing. I think that men in general tend to hold some weight on their gut feeling over what they perceive to be intuition.

First, I will share some of my own personal experiences when following my intuition lead to positive results as well as some times when I didn’t follow it and I should have.

There was a particular job that I had always been interested in and when an opening finally came up I applied. Unfortunately, I didn’t even receive an interview. I let it go and keep working at my current company until a year later the same position came up again.

I could have just sat defeated and passed over it since nothing had really changed for me since the last time I applied but something told me to go ahead and apply. This time not only did I get an interview, but I got the job as well. If I had ignored my intuition, opportunity would have simply passed me by.

There was another time when I should have listened to my intuition, but I didn’t. This had to do with a business decision that ended up becoming a nightmare and cost a lot of time, money, and headaches. I had a bad feeling going into it, and I could have just backed out then. There are times when you really should listen to your gut.

The Science of Intuition

Besides my own anecdotal evidence, scientific studies have actually been performed that show that not only is intuition real, but it can benefit all our lives.

In one study, participants were asked to play a card game to see who could win the most money. What they didn’t know though was that the game was rigged with one deck favoring big money and the other big losses. It took going through around 50 cards before they could sense something was off about the decks and around 80 before they could explain why.

What is really amazing though is that their bodies sweat glands started activating after only 10 cards. The body knew before they even did that something was off about the cards! This shows how listening to our body as I have said many times about self-care provides amazing benefits.


Men have long followed their gut feelings which in actuality is intuition. Intuition isn’t something exclusively used by women, and it should not be looked down on as something unmasculine or weak. Our bodies have become fine-tuned over generations to aid in our survival.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use logic in certain situations to solve problems, but we all have to remember to not let logic override that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Science has now validated the existence of intuition, and we owe it ourselves to listen to it and live the best life possible.

There have been several times in my life where I didn’t listen to my inner voice, and I paid the price. There are others that took chances when I didn’t, because I went against what my body was telling me. I will not make the mistake again.

I want to hear from everyone else out there on their own experiences with gut feelings and intuition. Are there times you benefited from it or times you wish you had? Please leave your comments below, and let’s get this discussion started. Take care.

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