Best Tactical First Aid Kits

Best Tactical First Aid Kits

When it comes to your self-care, there is one thing that everyone tends to overlook, and that is a first aid kit. There are so many people who go around in their daily lives without ever thinking about what would happen if disaster struck. Accidents, big or small, can happen at any time whether on the job, at home, or out in nature.

Having a first aid kit handy can mitigate the effects and risks of any medical incident. As in all aspects of life, it’s hard to do a job right if you don’t have the right tools. It is also critical to select the right first aid kit, and you want something durable, strong, and has all the proper equipment and supplies. I have selected what I think are the best tactical first aid kits, and I think anyone of the ones below will serve in a time of need.

My advice is to keep a compact first aid kit in your car, a more robust one for the home, and a more durable version if you spend a lot of time outdoors. There are some more travel friendly than others so you may only need one if you don’t mind the inconvenience of carrying it with you wherever you might need it.

Swiss Safe Compact First Aid Kit

Swiss Safe Compact First Aid KitSwiss Safe has some of the highest rated first aid kits on the market with a variety of options, but I believe their best and most affordable product is their compact first aid kit. It is small enough to fit in a car glove box or put into a backpack with 26 essential first aid items. It would also be great for those who want to keep one at hand on your job site or office. There are not many first aid kits out there that is this small yet still has the essentials. Besides the usual assortment of bandages and sterile wipes, it also includes trauma shears, an emergency whistle, and a sewing kit. It even comes with a guide to help out in a variety of emergency situations. For the basic emergencies, this compact kit would be perfect.

Swiss Safe Compact First Aid Kit, $19.99;

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MTSG Military Tactical Survival Gear First Aid Kit

MTSG First Aid KitFor those that spend a lot of time outdoors and need a more durable first aid kit with a lifetime guarantee then MTSG has the right one for you. Admittedly the first thing that stands out with this one is the carrying bag which looks military grade and would fit in great during an outdoor expedition. It comes equipped with straps to attach to other bags or your belt making it a little more convenient that traditional first aid kits. Another unique aspect is that it is designed to be customized to your needs with unlabeled pockets and extra space included to put in any additional specialized items you may require.

MTSG Military Tactical Survival Gear First Aid Kit, $24.99;

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Delta Provision Co. First Aid Kit

Delta Provision Co First Aid KitSometimes you need something a little more than your standard first aid supplies which is where this one from Delta Provison Co. comes in. This first aid kit provides supplies and equipment necessary for trauma situations such as broken bones and severe bleeding through the inclusion of an Israeli bandage and splint. It is MOLLE and PALS compatible making it able to attach to any tactical gear and weight less than 2 lbs for easy carry. This one might not be for everyone but is perfect for those that are knowingly going into a dangerous or risky environment.

Delta Provision Co. First Aid Kit; $59.99;

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Survival Work/Home First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid KitWhen it comes to your home, you want to have a robust and adequate first aid kit that can also be carried with you in an emergency and the people over at Survival Emergency Solutions have answered the call with an FDA approved beast. While being the largest and heaviest first aid kit on this list, it still is compact enough to be stored easily and transported if necessary. The bag is also water resistant and has reflective piping to locate it in the dark. There are a large variety of first kit items included with everything from forceps to cotton swabs. You would be hard to find a more complete first aid kit. What’s more is that everything is labeled and color coded due to the severity of the situation helping reduce stress when you are frantically looking for something. This kit is robust and a must have for the home.

Survival Work/Home First Aid Kit, $109.95;

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Take First Aid into Your Own Hands

We all of course rely on doctors and hospitals to take care of us in emergencies, but sometimes you are going to have to take matters into your own hands or the situation may not be serious enough yet to warrant a visit to the hospital which is why you need a good first aid kit.

After picking out a first aid kit, the next step is gaining knowledge on how to properly use it. Knowledge when it comes to first aid is essential and can lead to a more successful and level-headed outcome during a crisis. The Mayo Clinic has an excellent directory full of a variety of situation and how to tackle them. You may also want to consider taking first aid classes at a local community college or a Red-Cross sponsored event.

Adequate self-care is all about listening to your body, but you can’t be the best version of yourself if you don’t have the proper knowledge and tools to actually do something about it. That old cliche of knowledge is power still holds true even if we may scoff at it.

Please share any first aid resources or knowledge you may have in the comments below. Take care everyone.





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