Are smartphones dangerous to your health?

Are smartphones dangerous to your health?

According to a study done by The Pew Research Center, 95% of Americans own a cellphone of some form with only a one percent difference between men and women, 75% own a smartphone with a 5 percent difference between men and women. Interestingly enough, smartphone ownership only stood at 33% in 2011, a dramatic increase. It is safe to say that we can officially declare the landline dead but at what cost?

The real question on everyone’s mind is are smartphones dangerous to your health? The short answer is yes, yes they are. The long answer will require some detailed discussion on electromagnetic fields or EMF.

The Dangers of EMF

Electromagnetic fields exist all around us and have always been a part of nature emitting from celestial bodies such as stars and natural phenomenon like lightening. With the rise of human technology, man-made sources of electromagnetic fields such as radio waves and power lines became more and more common across the globe eventually saturating everyone with a daily dose of low level radiation.

It is without question that high levels of electromagnetic radiation prove harmful to our health. Intense UV waves from the sun can cause horrible burns or even skin cancer. X-Rays are not performed on pregnant women due to the risk of genetic mutation or damage.

The effects of low levels of electromagnetic radiation on the human body have been a topic of constant debate with cell phone manufacturers vehemently denying any possibility of harm to our health. However, both the American Cancer Society and International Agency for Research on Cancer have stated that there may be some cancer risk associated with cell phone use and recommend those who are concerned to take preventative measure. All parties that have investigated this issue agree that further research is needed.

Independent studies conducted by individual scientists have shown casual links between cell phone usage and detrimental health conditions which will be discussed below. While the jury is still out, there is certainly enough links and evidence to show that not taking cell phone radiation seriously now could have dangerous consequences for the future.

The Killer in Your Pocket

There is a killer in your pocketEveryday we carry a tiny little EMF generator in our pocket, sending radiation directly into our body.

For those who carry their phone in their pockets especially near the groin, these harmful waves come into direct contact and affect our reproductive system. Sperm of men exposed to radiation from smartphones are three times as likely to die compared to those not exposed. Studies have shown an increase of infertility among both men and women after prolonged exposure.

Now for those guys out there that perhaps are saying they don’t plan on having kids anyway, testosterone levels have been shown to decrease in men with heavy exposure to EMF. Its true that testosterone naturally decreases as well age, but it is not in anyone’s best interest to accelerate the process. Low testosterone levels lead to all kind of negative changes in a man’s body such as memory loss, hair loss, weight gain, depression and fatigue.

When we hold our phone directly up to our ear, radiation waves penetrate the brain. Studies show a change in brain wave activity that not only disturbs our sleep at night but may cause changes that are as yet unknown.

Practical Tips to Reduce EMF Risk

Here are some practical tips to help reduce EMF risk from your smartphone:

1) Use the speaker function or ear buds when talking on your phone whenever possible

2) Always reduce the amount of time your phone is in your pocket by placing it away from your body when sitting down in the car, at work, or at home

3) Keep your phone in a separate room at night when you sleep

4) Try to text whenever possible instead of calling

5) Utilize airplane mode at times when convenient

For Extra Protection

Using the practical tips above will help reduce your risk to EMF but there are several products available for those that want even more protection. The top leader in EMF protection would have to be HARApad. Their products use military grade ELF shielding alloy which are also used in fighter jets and military vehicles. HARApad’s signature product is of course a radiation shield for your smartphone, in both large and small versions. They also make a sleep shield to keep your phone in at night if you don’t want to place it in another room while sleeping.

One of the more interesting protective devices I have come across is Radiation Protection Pendant that you can wear in your pocket or around your neck. Energy is absorbed into the pendant by way of a volcanic mineral compound. Many report better sleep at night and a clearer head during the day.

The only products that I would advise to steer clear of are any kind of pads or stickers that you place on the back of your phone. There doesn’t seem to be any positive affects from these types of products.

Make a Change

If you ever hear anyone ask are smartphones dangerous, tell them the risks involved and that it is always better to be safe Protect yourself from your phonethan sorry by making an effort to reduce exposure to EMF. Cell phone technology has not been around long enough for us to truly know the full extent of its effects on us, but studies have shown that EMF can lower testosterone, increase infertility, alter brainwaves, and potentially cause cancer.

Whether you just take some simple practical steps to reduce exposure or invest in EMF shielding technology for extra protection, it is the best interest of your self-care to make a change. The whole world around us constantly tax and beats down our body in a daily basis, and it is up to us to take little steps here and there and sometimes large leaps in order to keep our bodies healthy.

As always, I welcome your thoughts below in the comments section and any EMF protection products that could be beneficial to anyone who reads this article. Thanks and take care everyone.





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