Hello everyone and welcome to Men Self-Care. This site aims to provide detailed information and resources about self-care for men in order to help you become the best version of yourself. While the word “self-care” might sound like the antithesis of what a man should strive for, it’s actually quite the opposite. Too many men neglect to truly take care of themselves and to listen to what their body is telling them. Everyone has the right to have the best quality life and to become the very best version of themselves possible, and together we can achieve greatness.


In the span of just to two years, I lost both my father and my grandfather. My father worked a desk job almost his entire life. He had dreamed of joining the navy which he did but a knee injury prevented him from completing his training. His number one priority in life was his children but over time he started to neglect his health and himself. Around the age of 44 he developed this mysterious pain in his side which the doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of. He went to every doctor imaginable and no one could cure him. Eventually he had to take pain pills everyday just to make moving around manageable. He became overweight during this period and eventually gave up trying to get better. Four years later, I got a call early in the morning from my grandfather telling me that my father suffered a heart attack and died. I’ll never forget the heartbreak and pain in his voice.

Truthfully, I feel like I had not done enough for my father. I hadn’t pushed him to try to get better and hadn’t even spoken to him for a while before he passed away. It is a regret I’ll have for the rest of my life. My grandfather survived his son, but he broke his hip after a hernia operation left him dizzy and instead of staying in the hospital he went straight home. A strong man who could do anything, managed diabetes for thirty years, become bed-ridden and lost his will to live. Before he broke his hip at the age of 83, he was still fixing things around the house and giving it everything he had. If he had just listened to the doctor and stayed in the hospital, he might have lived a good deal longer.


My whole life it seems to me that men get put down if they care too much about the discomforts of life or how they are feeling. That caring about these things somehow makes you less of a man, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Men shouldn’t be ashamed about taking care of themselves. While some men may shoulder the burden of the world on their shoulders, you can only hold it up for so long if you don’t take care of the body doing all the heavy lifting, and as I have learned from personal experience, people need you in their lives for as long as you are able. When you are gone, you leave behind so much potential that you could have shared with the world.


My grandfather and father inspired me to the best version of myself that I could be, and I want to help everyone out there to become the same. Men Self-Care is a place to refine, strengthen, and expand our possibilities. The topics explored on this site will aim to improve your overall well-being and some things may seem unorthodox or unconventional, but there is no shame in being concerned about your self-care.


It is my goal to build a community that will support and encourage one other to be better. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Joseph Hunter